30 Things About Me

A friend of mine, Alece Ronzino, posted an article called 100 Things About Me and asked others to do the same. And (so nice of her) she said we could do whatever number we wanted. So I’m doing 30. Because I’m lazy. Er…working.

  1. I have to sleep in socks. Always.
  2. I love drinking pickle juice
  3. Mimes terrify me, as do clowns and scary movies
  4. but I love haunted houses with an unnatural passion.
  5. The first thing I notice about a man is his nose.
  6. then the smile.
  7. I danced for 10 years
  8. until I discovered soccer.
  9. Fall is my favorite time of year
  10. and I can’t wait to go camping!
  11. I don’t like going on vacations, to movies, or to dinner alone.
  12. I lost a city-wide spelling bee in the 5th grade on the word “transition.”
  13. I never actually took Geography
  14. because my 7th grade Geography teacher died during heart surgery in the second week of class
  15. so our substitute spent the rest of the semester teaching us how to play the stock market.
  16. I was very good at playing the stock market.
  17. It paid for several years of college expenses.
  18. But I didn’t know New Mexico was a state until college either…
  19. I have a hard time sleeping in past 6 a.m.
  20. But I love naps.
  21. I once tried to brush my teeth and q-tip my ears at the same time.
  22. Don’t ever do that.
  23. I don’t cook but I’d like to take classes.
  24. I dream of riding a horse across a field with my hair blowing behind me (and appropriate theme music)
  25. but a horse bit me once (on the shoulder) and I’m scared of them.
  26. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life.
  27. I used to make my sister eat cat food.
  28. and use deodorant as chapstick.
  29. She has mostly forgiven me.
  30. I like chasing people with snakes and making them scream.