So Embarrassed

We all do it. I do it…sometimes more often than I can believe, but it happens to all of us. Sometimes the result is hilarious and leaves you or your friend red-faced and weeping with laughter. But sometimes you really offend someone and want to crawl into a hole and hibernate for a few months. Especially when you’re dealing with topics of grief, sadness, and loss.

Well, now there’s a great little guide to help out with those moments when you want to say SOMETHING supportive or helpful or have a genuine conversation during these times but you aren’t quite sure what to say or how to say it.

Erica McNeal is a super-cool young mom who has already experienced way more than the normal amount of tragedy. Cancer (three times.) Loss of a child (five times). A failed adoption. Hurtful relationships. Through each circumstance, there were people who were supportive and loving, but there were also those people whose words, even unintentionally, cut deeper into an already broken heart. From that pain came a helpful book of what to say when facing touchy subjects. Good Grief: How to Create an Oasis When Life Is a Desert is an incredibly helpful guide on how to be supportive of your friends and family while creating deeper and more authentic relationships.

I’m a little biased because I know her personally and got to work on her book with her, but I was pretty horrified to learn that some of the things that I’ve said to people in times like these were COMPLETELY the wrong things to say. Thankfully, I know better now. And you can, too!

You can buy her book here.

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