Some tasks in life–like fixing a leaky roof or getting that cavity filled–carry a natural sense of urgency. Address the problem now, or you’ll be sorry. But writing your memoir? Most people don’t feel pressured to write down their life stories because they assume they will always have time later. It continues to move down the priority list until it’s languishing with the other tasks you’ve been putting off for years, like cleaning out your hallway closet or organizing your filing cabinet.

A photo of pen and white pad.


The longer I’ve worked as a ghostwriter, the more I’ve realized that telling your own life story is one of the most transformative and worthwhile uses of your time. Memoirs pay dividends–both figuratively and literally. My clients who take the leap only wish they’d started the process sooner. So, here’s my recent Brainz Magazine article featuring a few reasons to write your memoir now.