Who needs writing help? You do!

My clients are high-performing people who have a great story to tell but need help in bringing their book to fruition. Allowing me to write their book gives them the space to focus on their other ventures and responsibilities.

No, working with a ghostwriter isn’t “lazy.” It’s a brilliant way to maximize your influence and expertise with minimal time investment.

  • A busy CEO or entrepreneur might have a great idea but not enough time to execute or complete the project.
  • Many people have disabilities, illnesses, or circumstances that prevent them from being able to write. One client lost both arms in an accident, making typing with prosthetics nearly impossible. Another client was undergoing cancer treatments and simply didn’t have the energy to write from his hospital bed.
  • Those who have dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD are often unable to write in a time-effective manner and benefit from having someone else write the material from interviews.

Why spend all your time and energy researching, writing, agonizing, and editing, when I can do the work for you? With nearly twenty years of experience, I have the savvy needed to dig into your story, uncover new insights, and connect the dots of a lifetime, resulting in a book readers can’t put down.

If working with me sounds like fun—and it is!—then email me now for a free consultation. Don’t wait. My schedule can fill up quickly.

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Alice Sullivan Ghostwriting Services

What writing services do you really need? Here’s how I can help.


My process is straightforward and formulaic. I’ll ask for a summary of the story and an outline (if you have one). If you’ve started on the project already, I’m able to review your writing and see what still needs to be done. If you have a great idea but no outline, we’ll work to create an outline of the material.

I’ll ask who your audience is, along with which messages, stories, and lessons you want to share, and how you want the reader to feel (and if there’s any action to be taken) upon finishing the book. This will help me better understand the overall scope.

Once we have a solid outline, we begin a series of conversations, either by phone or in person. I record and transcribe them. Interviews for a book, depending on the size, can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the topics.

Think of the interviews as less like a formal presentation, and more like a casual conversation where I ask open-ended questions that allow you to tell me the stories, memories, and the importance behind each of the outline points, asking for more details and further clarification as we go.

After the initial interview phase, I’ll compile a rough first draft of all the material, organized by the outline points. I then conduct a deeper review of the material, creating a list of additional questions that will help add crucial details to pivotal scenes. An additional conversation will be scheduled to talk through these points.

Once I have all the material, I craft your book, shaping the content to be emotionally compelling and informative, relying on your voice and expertise to guide me. When the draft is completed, I send it to you for review. Using Track Changes, you are able to modify any of the content to your liking.

There are often 2 or 3 rounds of editing and revising before we have a solid manuscript that is ready for copyediting (if self-publishing), or to be submitted to your publisher. Most books can be completed within 6 to 8 months.

Price: Writing assistance is an incredibly valuable investment, both in yourself and in your story. Rates vary depending on the project timeline and the size/length of the project. Please contact me for a quote. Bonus points if you have a working budget or a price range in mind.

Book Proposals

If you want to submit your book to agents in hopes of a book deal, you’ll need a Book Proposal.

The Proposal contains one or two of the strongest and most compelling chapters as samples of the writing, and often a portion of the Introduction. It also contains your bio and platform details, including social media reach, possible endorsements, and the ways in which your book is unique to the market.

I include a query letter and a curated list of genre-specific agents with all Proposals.

Note: If you want to self-publish, you don’t need a book proposal.

Price: Book Proposals are $20,000 and can be completed in 3-4 months.

Developmental Reviews and Developmental Editing

The goal with developmental work is to ensure your manuscript is solid, entertaining, and has no missing details or gaps in storyline, theory, delivery, or understanding. If you’ve finished your manuscript and need professional feedback, a Developmental Review will help you by identifying any missing details or inconsistencies that could cause your readers to be confused or disengaged.

I’ll note the timeline and topics, track the action in the plot (if fiction) or overall outline (if nonfiction) to make sure all points are solidly made, point out inconsistencies or areas of confusion, take notes on the character development, and leave feedback on any sections or chapters that are too long, too short, or redundant.

I make comments and suggestions within the manuscript using Track Changes, and I provide an overview of my notes, including areas of specific concern, and the ways in which the manuscript shines.

In the review phase, I will NOT be making any of the edits myself; rather I will provide the high-level feedback. You can then address and incorporate any changes you feel will enhance your manuscript. Once you’ve made your edits, you can send your revision back to me for the second round of feedback.

Note: If you prefer that I make all the edits and revisions instead, I would perform a Developmental Edit after receiving your notes and feedback based on my initial review.

Price: Developmental work varies per project. Please contact me for a quote.

Coaching, Consulting, and Accountability

Want to write your book yourself but need help staying focused and on schedule? I provide accountability to keep you on track, while engaging and encouraging feedback helps you steer clear of writer’s block and creative slumps.

Price: Coaching packages are tailored to your individual needs. Please contact me for a quote.

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