In the world of story, the hero’s journey reigns supreme. Even if you’re not familiar with the name “hero’s journey,” you’d surely recognize the sequence of events that form the structure.

hero businessman standing and looking from alley to modern city


In my 22 years as a ghostwriter of 60 books, I’ve found that the hero’s journey is not a one-size-fits-all structure, especially regarding women. In the interview process, where I began to tease out the themes of their life stories, I realized the call-to-adventure transformation doesn’t align with their lived experience. It’s not that these women’s lives don’t include adventure or trials. On the contrary, the women I’ve worked with have overcome huge obstacles. The books we’ve written together will have you biting your nails and flipping pages late into the night. They’ve faced hardships and become wiser and stronger on the other side. As a reader, you witness their transformation. To read more about story elements that are unique to my female clients, check out my recent article at Brainz Magazine.