A few years ago, I was chatting with my business coach, when I blurted out, “I never want to work again.”

She leaned in, looking concerned.

“And I never want to write again.”

She raised her eyebrows. I’d been seeing this business coach for a while, and she knew that I was a hustler: Self-starting, determined, and prolific, with twenty years in the book publishing industry. This confession must have caught her by surprise.

“And why is that?”

“Because I feel completely burnt out. I sit at a desk all day, telling other people’s stories. They’re out living their lives, and I’m staring at a screen, instead of living my own.”

She nodded her omniscient Yoda nod. “Well, what would it look like for you to live your life?”

Over the past few years, I’ve been exploring that all-important question. I found the answer in my stained glass class.