Life in So Many Words


Surfing with Monks

The IRS is not your friend. Or mine. But Stacy and I had already scheduled our yearly surf trip to Maine and I was determined to enjoy it, knowing it was likely the last vacation of the year. We started out with a fantastic RedSox game, complete with a possibly drunk guy doing the half-wave. Then Stacy nearly sucker-punched the guy next to her for being a seat hog. I would have sacrificed my hot dog to see that. Next was surfing and it turns out, hurricanes make for decent waves. Last year, we were in Maine the weekend that Irene [...]

Stuff My Cats Like

In the sincerest form of flattery I can muster at 9:45 a.m. I’m going to rip off two books I wish I wrote: Stuff White People Like and Sh*t My Dad Says. I’m still trying to think of a way to mash up these two and I clearly will need more time…and caffeine, because Stuff White People Sh*t really doesn’t sound that appealing. But I promise you it would sell well in Japan. They’re all about poo. I’ve been there. I saw the books and the charts (yes, there are charts). Almost bought the keychain but then thought better of it. So instead, I’m going to write [...]